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( n2o advertising Capabilities )

    Advertising and Brand Marketing Strategy services include:

  • Strategic Brand Development
  • Account Management and Brand Stewardship
  • Advertising Creative Development
  • Media Planning
  • Regional and Promotional Advertising (and Guerrilla Marketing)
  • Post Campaign Development
  • B2B Communications
  • Press and Media Strategy


How We’re different

When you work with N2O you aren’t just working with some of the best creative talent in the industry today, but with a team of professionals who will take an integrated view of your marketing challenges and provide counsel beyond the development of traditional advertising.

We want to get your marketing mix right. But that means we need to fully understand your business, ask hard questions, challenge conventional wisdom and help analyze the potential risk and rewards that specific marketing initiatives may have on your business.

Creative Development

Effective advertising has to be both distinctive so it gets noticed, and relevant so it says the right things to the right people. Effective advertising must also be original, especially when the perceived differences between products and competitors are small or non-existent.

How do we achieve this kind of advertising? Rather than assembling creative teams through the traditional hiring process, N2O’s creative process centers around the vision and leadership of a small in-house team complemented by a network of accomplished freelance writers and art directors, all of whom are/were senior creatives at other U.S. based agencies.

This unique staffing approach is a true “win-win” for everyone involved and results in extraordinary work. It enables us to hand pick every creative team based upon each client’s individual needs ensuring that engaged, passionate people are working on every account. And, for our clients it ensures that – large or small – they always have the industry’s senior most creative teams working on their accounts.

( Kirsten Modestow )

Creative Director, N2O Group, Inc.

Kirsten’s national recognition came as an Associate Creative Director on Electronic Arts, one of the largest brands in the entertainment industry, where Kirsten was the leading force behind the advertising for The Sims – advertising that helped to make it the #1 best selling PC game of all-time and a household name.

Kirsten’s agency experience spans the past thirteen years and stretches from San Francisco to Boston and includes See:, Odiorne Wilde Narraway + Partners, Citron, Haligman, Bedecarré and Hill, Holiday. She’s created memorable campaigns for brands including Target Stores, MTV Networks, Palm, Lucas Arts, Fleet Bank, Dunkin Donuts, Boston Properties, Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts (North America), Fidelity Investments, Electronic Arts, Svedka Vodka, Burgerville and The San Francisco Silent Film Festival.

As a former All-American swimmer, Kirsten thrives on intense situations including tight time-lines, working with celebrity talent, demanding clients, renovating houses, and controlling (with varying degrees of success) a giant dog and husband and two not-so-giant-yet children.

( Eileen Arbues )

Managing Director, N2O Group, inc.
Chief Strategist, N2O Advertising & Consulting

Eileen is a senior executive who is expert at utilizing the marketing mix to achieve desired business results, especially in the areas of market growth and expansion. Her background encompasses senior executive positions in marketing, sales, and operations in a variety of dynamic and transitioning industries such as advertising, telecommunications, entertainment, energy and the Internet.

Eileen’s career began as a management consultant for New York based Newman-Stein where she consulted on such brands as Del Monte Foods, Christian Brothers Brandy, Orville Redenbacher Popcorn and Bumble Bee Tuna. With the divestiture of AT&T, however, telecommunications became the next big frontier. Recognizing this, Eileen joined the industry and ultimately held numerous executive positions including the vice president of marketing, sales and operations with companies such as MCI, Pacific Bell and SBC.

During her tenure with MCI, she launched the industry’s first competitive set of inbound calling services and lead MCI’s entry into information services thereby breaking AT&T’s last monopoly. Similarly, while leading Pacific Bell’s Consumer Markets Group (a $3.5 billion business unit) she lead the development of the Company’s re-engineering efforts surrounding customer care and customer segmentation, new product development and regulatory reform resulting in an increase in historic compounded annual growth rates from 1.5% annually to over 3.5% annually.

After spending 15 years in telecommunications, Eileen joined the internet revolution as Executive Vice President and General Manager of 2Bridge Internet Solutions where her roll spanned the development and implementation of 2Bridge’s product line, its sales and marketing organization, engineering and development, corporate communications and investor relations. Helping to raise over $25 million in capital and successfully completing 2Bridge’s S-1 filing honed Eileen’s entrepreneurial skills so that in 2000 she and award winning creative director Roger Camp joined forces to form their own full service Ad Agency.

Wanting more than just the traditional agency experience, Eileen simultaneously formed a consulting practice focused on consumer driven companies looking to expand their customer base and enter into new markets and new relationships, both domestically and internationally.

Having held senior positions as both a client and service industry executive, Eileen’s approach to, and process for, advertising and consulting differs dramatically from other consultants in the market today. Similarly, N2O’s clients are often the “innovators” and those companies and professionals that are seeking new ways to combine entertainment and marketing to create a paradigm shift.

A native of San Francisco, Eileen is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and their executive management program and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of San Francisco.

( What's in a name? )

There comes a point in every meeting when the inevitable question is asked. You can always see it coming. It’s never a question of whether it will be asked, only who will ask it and when.

Sometimes it’s the lead client and sometimes it’s not. But the person asking always approaches the question in the same way. They wait until the meeting is just about over and then they get a little smile on their face as if they think they already know the answer to the question that they are about to ask. And then it goes something like this,

“So why’d you guys pick the name N2O? Is it some kind of code or acronym or something?”

And the simple answer is yes, N2O is a formula -- the chemical formula for nitrous oxide. For those of you unfortunate enough to have put your dentist’s kids through school, you know that nitrous oxide is commonly referred to as laughing gas because of the euphoric effects from inhaling it. Nitrous oxide also happens to be a fuel additive, though, that is used in rocketry and motor racing to increase the power output of engines, e.g. it makes them go faster.

So the long and short is that when you work with the team at N2O you won’t just get a great result, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. Perhaps even more importantly, while we aren’t meant to be a replacement for your existing team, we are certain that with our involvement your current organization will achieve even greater results.

So there you have it. That’s what’s with the name!

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