Eileen Arbues is the Managing Director, Chief Strategist and official blog-queen at N2O Group.

As the economy has stalled, sputtered and begun to show new signs of life again, advertising seems to have done anything but. Yes, there remain a few great campaigns that make you think there is still some hope, but for the most part there's an abundance of safe, undifferentiated spots dominating the web and airwaves. And for that, we all share the blame.

Working with a variety of clients across a variety of industries and geographies, I am often asked what differentiates the good clients from the acceptable ones (translation: which clients will earn you new clients versus just pay the bills). Specifically, what is it about certain clients that make everyone want to work on their business while with other clients it takes more than just a little managerial persuasion and cajoling to get folks excited about the assignment?

As I approached the assignment of completing my inaugural blog posting I was overcome with ideas on what to rant about (um, I mean wax eloquently about) and thoughts of information to share that would most certainly change the perspective of, or at the very least the point of view of, this blog’s readership. In the end, however, it was a statement that I stumbled upon while doing some online research that sealed the deal for what this column would be about.