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These short vignettes celebrate local people having fun and celebrating life in the Pacific Northwest and of course, enjoying Burgerville food.

Kirsten Modestow

( Creative Director, Art Director, Mother )

Kirsten’s national recognition came as an Associate Creative Director on Electronic Arts, one of the largest brands in the entertainment industry, where Kirsten was the leading force behind the advertising for The Sims – advertising that helped to make it the #1 best selling PC game of all-time and a household name.

Client Spotlight

Burgerville USA is a 49 year old, 39-unit restaurant chain operating in southwest Washington and Oregon.


Over the years, Burgerville has built a reputation for their sustainable business practices and the use of locally grown ingredients. Unfortunately in the process, however, their brand perception had come to be more about those business practices and less about the quality or uniqueness of their food.

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