Business Case Development

Working directly with key stakeholders, N2O will verify whether a “hunch” can be transformed into an executable strategy with genuine upside for the enterprise. Every opportunity will be thoroughly vetted for potential risks, operational exposure and long-term strategic fit, taking into consideration the following important elements:

Identified Gap. What and where are the opportunities to win new customers and/or migrate existing customers to a new product?

Growth Strategies

Strategies for new markets, new customers, new product introductions, and product line extensions

Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall where continued top line growth is concerned? In virtually every industry and within every segment there is more and more competition for an increasingly savvy and more fickle group of customers. The life-cycle of many product lines is compressed, and typical margins erode much faster than in decades past.

Consulting Approach

( The N2O Consulting Approach )

Investigate | Integrate | Innovate

Our work with companies spans all phases of the marketing process—from strategy through execution—to develop, manage and grow strong brands.

Investigate. Know the customer, the market and the client organization.

Customers. What do we know about your customers, what are they buying, how do they perceive your brand, especially in relation to the competition? Discover what opportunities exist for improving your market position.

Consulting Capabilities

( Consulting Capabilities )

N2O leverages deep consumer insights and cross-industry experience to help clients better determine buying behavior, develop effective offerings across channels, and clearly present these offerings to customers so as to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall marketing efforts.


( growth strategies )

Strategies for new markets, new customers, new product introductions, and product line extensions.

Eileen Arbues

( Managing Director, Chief Strategist )

Eileen is a senior executive who is expert at utilizing the marketing mix to achieve desired business results, especially in the areas of market growth and expansion. Her background encompasses senior executive positions in marketing, sales, and operations in a variety of dynamic and transitioning industries such as advertising, telecommunications, entertainment, energy and the Internet.

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