“Eileen Arbues is one of the very rare few who have excelled on both the client and agency side of things. Her challenging, sunny presence invariably makes things smarter, clearer, and— importantly—more fun.”
Jeff Goodby, Co-Chairman, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners – Advertising


“Eileen Arbues and the N2O team have proven they not only have a keen understanding of the north American market and consumer, but perhaps more importantly from my European view point, they understand and reflect the cultural differences of the European markets and diverse consumer base. it’s not often you meet someone who is as conversant in as many industries and markets as Eileen and also someone who is able to relate so effectively at so many levels within the organization. Eileen and the entire N2O team are a consistent and reliable resource, and people that i truly enjoy working with.”
Gerhard Florin, Executive Vice President and General Manager of International Publishing for Electronic Arts (Retired)


“I have had the opportunity to work with Eileen and the n2o team over several years, companies and specific business challenges, and have always benefited greatly from her skills and insights. Her ability to cut to the core of any issue, offer creative and realistic solutions, and work easily with every team has saved me significant time and money.I particularly appreciate her adaptability between industries, departments and functional accountabilities. I highly recommend her services.”
Jeff Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, The Holland, Inc. – Parent Company of Burgerville USA


“It has been both my honor and pleasure to work with Eileen Arbues for over 15 years. In that time she has been an outstanding leader of marketing organization; from being a thought leader generating profitable ideas to providing hands-on, day-by-day implementation of programs that deliver both real sales and market leadership. It is a rare event for the combination of innovation and creativity to come with such practical, real world commitment to turning ideas into sales; and sales into profit. Eileen is a dynamo who has the business acumen to create shareholder value through advertising, marketing and sales. Besides all of that, she is just plain fun as a colleague—I relish our next joint project.”
Gary Cuccio, Chairman, Mblox – Specialists in Mobile Delivery and Billing


“N2O group quickly contributed immense value to our positioning, branding and messaging at YouMail.com, both strategically and tactically. Eileen and Kirsten and the entire n2o team are categorically the most talented and most fun marketing professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”
Ken Brickley, Co-founder, YouMail, Inc.


“I have had the good fortune to work with Eileen on several occasions. she is bright, insightful, and passionate, but what i have come to value the most is her effectiveness. she has a unique ability to simplify the complex and to create value through an unending focus on the consumer.”
Ray DeRenzo, Vice President, MobiTV – Global Television and Digital Radio Service Provider for Mobile Phones


“It’s once in a blue moon that you meet the likes of Eileen Arbues. She has the ability to drill into an issue and find the nub of the problem, then infect everyone around her with the desire to help solve it in new and creative ways. Eileen truly brings a wealth of experience, but without that ‘here’s an old answer to your new problem’ thinking that some consultants seem to survive on. she’ll bring you fresh thinking — some that may challenge you, even — but her answers and recommendations will always be laid out in a digestible, actionable format that helps bring clarity to your project.”
Simon Law, Planning Director, TBWA Chiat, London – Advertising


“Eileen Arbues brings to a company a unique mix of entrepreneurial creativity with a strong complement of the understanding of what it takes to build a successful large enterprise. Her operational background in Advertising Management, Marketing Communications, Product/Brand Management and sales Management at both small and large firms is evident in her interaction with Clients. Eileen becomes an extension of your existing team and provides the planning and focus required for a successful marketing platform. i have worked with Eileen at several companies and would highly recommend her services to firms looking to create or jump-start their marketing efforts in the fastest, most cost effective manner.”
Mari Tangredi, Principal, McNamee Lawrence – Investment Banking