( growth strategies )

Strategies for new markets, new customers, new product introductions, and product line extensions.

Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall where continued top line growth is concerned? In virtually every industry and within every segment there is more and more competition for an increasingly savvy and more fickle group of customers. The lifecycle of many product lines is compressed, and typical margins erode much faster than in decades past. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, N2O has built a reputation for helping companies to redefine their markets, their product set, whom they attract as customers and how they are viewed in the eye of the consumer. It’s no longer enough for companies to rely on a unique selling proposition to gain consumers. Companies must create a situation where consumers seek you out rather than rely on the old marketing model where you pushed information out to consumers and hoped—even relied on—the target consumer seeing it.


Working directly with key stakeholders, N2O will verify whether a “hunch” can be transformed into an executable strategy with genuine upside for the enterprise. Every opportunity will be thoroughly vetted for potential risks, operational exposure and long-term strategic fit, taking into consideration the following important elements:

Identified Gap. What and where are the opportunities to win new customers and/or migrate existing customers to a new product?

Addressable Opportunity. How big is the potential market that you’ll be targeting and how much of that market are you likely to win over a given timeline?

Solution. What are the key elements of the planned product or service offering?

Consumer Insights. How will you gather the consumer input needed to test the viability of the offer? Using both qualitative and quantitative research as well as both primary and secondary methods to validate the elements of a proposed offering is an essential element in the development process.

Competitive Landscape/Likely Response. What is the best way to assess the competitive landscape, along with the likely response of each key competitor, in building the road map for the planned offering?

Revenue Model. How will you make money? For example, what will you charge for the product or service over the life of the offering?

Work Plan. What are the key milestones and dates, along with the stakeholders and champions, for each developmental task?

Pro Forma


Developing a message that is welcomed and not scorned is critical to the success of every new product launch. Similarly, creating advertising that is not only seen but sought out, is the difference between winning and being an “also ran.” Achieving this type of success with your Agency partners is often more difficult than predicted, yet something that N2O excels at.

Working as a liaison between the Client and the Agency, N2O can not only streamline the process, but ensure a desirable outcome for both the Client and Agency. N2O will work with key stakeholders to develop:

    The right message and timing of that message for each targeted customer segment

  • The right “media” mix
  • The best “response” vehicle
  • An appropriate budget, including how much to spend on:
  • Production
  • Media
  • Usage and length of a campaign
  • Agency fees